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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wine in India

During our India adventure we had the opportunity to try a couple of the wines of India. To our surprise wine was frequently not available as parts of India have "dry state" regulations, and the heat of the country certainly does not encourage one to go for the red wines. We enjoyed Kingfisher beer at an occasional stop and at the end of our trip sampled two wines at the beautiful J.W. Marriot in Mumbai's Juhu Beach area. Truly an oasis among the madness.

Vivek was our waiter and he was very knowledgeable about Indian wines. We enjoyed a Chenin Blanc from Sula and a Viognier from Grover. The Sula Chenin Blanc was crisp, pure, and lovely in the Mumbai heat with flavors of green apple. We're told by Vivek that it comes from a region not far from Mumbai. The Grover Viognier had a lovely and classic viognier aroma with good weight that allowed it to linger pleasantly on the palat. Grover Winery comes from Southern India closer to Bangalore.

If you have the opportunity to try these wines, we highly recommend them on a hot summer's day in India or wherever you may be. The Kingfisher is also very nice ;-)


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